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5. Preparing For Your School Race Day: Race For The Line UK 2017-2018

Dendrited from 5. Preparing For Your School Race Day: Race For The Line UK 2017-2018 by Aulden 07.02.2018
Race for the Line Great Britain - Season 3

It's race season!

School teams will have built, or are beginning to build, their rocket cars in preparation for the first round of races to be held at over 400 schools around the country.

You can review the resources, presentations and videos below to ensure you and your teams have a great and safe school race day.

Content includes:

  • A review of the race day organisation and school/rocketeer roles
  • The rules and regulations that must be followed relating to rocket car body designs and wheels
  • Race data collection 
  • What happens next? Moving on to regional & national finals
  • Embedding the competition into the wider curriculum
Preparing for your school race day: Video and Powerpoint Overview (2)
This presentation contains the key information to help ensure you have a safe and efficient school race day.
Micro:bit Data Collection (2)
The Micro:bit in the car can be used to collect data of the run, and this can connect to the new Dendrite Data App. This will be released to all schools free of charge as soon as it is ready. we apologise this has been delayed, there have been major challenges with the developers. If you are using the competition to teach coding, this is the finished HEX file for the Micro:bit to convert it into a Blue Tooth connected Accelerometer.
Design limits and safety checks (5)
Use these resources to ensure that cars presented on race days meet the competition rules
Race data collection sheet and uploading results (2)
Dedicate individuals in each team or a group to assist with data collection and keeping a record of race time and other useful data
Race data analysis spreadsheet (OPTIONAL) (1)
Use this spreadsheet to analyse the effects of different car masses on acceleration and speed.
Exploring the supplementary STEM content (2)
New STEM subject resources have been developed for this season of Race For The Line
Unsorted content (1)