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Race for the Line Competition Overview - Scotland

Dendrited from Race for the Line Competition Overview - Scotland by Bloodhound Intern 14.04.2016
Shetland College Micro:bit model rocket car Race HUB

Launch - Now

Schools Registration End Date for competition - 31st January 2017 (Please contact  your local Hub for local extensions)

Regional heats - 3rd February to 12th May 2017

Scottish Final - 13th June 

Scottish Final Venue - Perth College to allow access and inclusion for all Regions

Great Prizes

All finalists will have their school name added to the tail fin of Bloodhound SSC.

Top Three teams will win

  • 1st prize - £1000.00 for the school and team VIP trip to Newquay trials of Bloodhound SSC*
  • 2nd Prize - £500.00 for the school
  • 3rd Prize - £250.00 for the school

The competition rules

  • Competition open to students in years 7 to 11
  • Students entering the competition must be sponsored by their school and the lead teacher must have registered with the Local Race HUB by clicking on the link in the HUB MAP and signing up to the Dendrite platform. Teachers must attend a twilight competition briefing session announced in February 2017 at their race HUB where they will collect their 5 free race car kits for their teams.
  • The sponsoring school must have created a STEM Community for their school on as this provides the school with the authentication code to upload race data to the national leader board and the ability for schools to run internal race competitions for school teams and across HUB networks. watch the creating your school community video if you need help doing this or click on the three lines at the top of the page and create a community. Once created verified teachers can make the community a school in the edit area.
  • Entry cars must use only the materials in the Micro:bit model rocket car Kit supplied by Bloodhound education and available free from HUBs and purchased in our shop.
  • Entry Cars must run with a Micro:bit accelerometer in its case in the slot in the foam block.
  • Data gathered by the internal micro:bit and micro:bit timing gates must be entered into the leader board system 
  • Video evidence of the run must be loaded into the school community and linked to the timing entry  
  • The goal is simple – the fastest car through the timing gate, set so cars enter it at the 15 metre mark, with a functioning micro:bit on board able to gather acceleration data and upload it into the leader board wins! Scroll down to learn more clicking on the tiles to open the content.
Competition Overview (4)

Follow or copy the link to the HUB community on and apply to join the protected HUB community. You can then apply to receive your free rocket car kits for your teams form the HUB. please make this request in the ask the experts area of the HUB community.

The Rocket Cars and Micro:bit intro videos (3)

below are a selection of general videos you can watch to learn about the competition. To take part in the competition you can go to the taking part collection by clicking here.

Map of Race Hubs in Scotland (1)

see your local HUB on the map in this section and click on the link on the HUB MAP to apply to join the HUB community closest to your school.

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