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OpenUK Kids' Competition and Course : New MiniMu Glove Challenge

Points Challenge

: 29.04.2020 17:00 - 17.05.2020 00:00

: 01.08.2020 09:00 - 30.09.2020 17:00

: Sponsored

Welcome to the New First Edition of the OpenUK Kids Competition and Course with the MiniMu Glove

Celebrating Open Technology in the UK open to Schools and Community Groups

Glove Course is now live for participants - episode 1 available until 11am, 13 June

The new competition is supported by Red Hat and GitHub, to engage the UK’s young people in a technology collaboration using Open Technology. The challenge is focused at the level of Key Stage 3 (or equivalent) children between the age of 11 and 14 years of age, but in response to Covid 19 is open to any teams of 4 children currently in secondary education and who will remain so in September 2020.

The Challenge and prize have been significantly modified from our cancelled competition in response to Covid19:

- each team from a school or community group will be provied with not 1 but 4 glove kits, one per participating child, at no cost and will be delivered directly by Pimoroni to the school or the thchildren;

- each team member will be able to paticipate in the OpenUK Glove course made up of 10 fun weekly online episodes released each weekend from mid May 2020; and

- the competition will take place in September and follow our original plan, but the structure has to be flexible depending on the position at that date due to Covid19 .

The 10 week course, developed by award winning tech education expert David Whale, competition and supporting resources are designed to help equip students with the skills, knowledge and experience in Open Technology to begin their learning path around the meaning of Open using the UK designed MiniMU glove to begin a learning process to help meet the challenges of tomorrow.  Its first run is exclusively available to participants and episode 1 is available until 13 June.

Any school or community group in the UK can register

Registration is now closed and groups of 4 children currently in secondary education and who will remain so in September 2020, were able to take part in the course and competition, but must have an adult to register on their behalf and to submit data and their competition entry.

The challenge management tool was designed with schools in mind, so if you are registering as a community group, please use the school creation tool during registration for your community group and inform the experts in this challenge area. This will enable the competition admin team to allocate you the admin rights as a community group to take part in the challenge. 

There is no cost to enter

Up to 100 qualifying groups of 4 children may enter, but only 1 group per participating school or community group may enter.

(please note, if you are a community group, set up your community group as a school within Dendrite registration and the team will approve your set up enabling you to register for the competition).

These groups will be spread across the whole of the UK, with a limited number of places available in each "Region". Our definitions of "Region" for this event and number of available places in each of these are:

  • England - North, 30 places;
  • England - South, 30 place;
  • Northern Ireland - 10 places;
  • Scotland - 20 places; and
  • Wales - 10 places.

One winning team from each subscribed Region and an overall winner will be announced at the OpenUK Awards in London or digital, depending on Covid19. 

Details of the competition, its terms and conditons and the prizes will be updated prior to Septembe. 

Winning Teams will be decided by a combination of their leader board scores against the specified criteria and the Judges’ decision as to the best diary and creative video entries.  The overall winner will be decided by the Judges. Judges' decision is final.

What does my group receive?

  • 4x MiniMU Glove Kit;
  • 4 x micro:bit;
  • Ability for each child to participate in the premier of the 10 week online Glove course from May 30;
  • Access to video and learning materials online; and
  • Access to experts online

The MiniMU glove is based on double Grammy Award winning singer, Imogen heap’s software MiMU Glove and was featured on Blue Peter in December 2019.

“We are very grateful to the Open Source community whose passions and work have helped us to develop the MiniMU gloves. I’m looking forward to being inspired by the projects brought to the OpenUK Kids Competition." Imogen Heap


How the competition works:

  1. Register online;
  2. Receive 4 kits (glove and micro:bit) from Pimoroni, the MiniMU glove manufactrer sent direct to the participating kids in May;
  3. Join the fun online course watching our inspirational animated videos over 10 weekends from mid May to learn how to make the glove and to be inspired in fund ways to use the glove. And look out for some prizes during this course....
  4. Collaborate with the other 3 team mates either face to face or digitally after the Summer holiday and create a diary for the project  work starting in September 
  5. Learn about what open technologies are and more about open source software (which the Micro:bit uses) and the benefits of collaboration from the videos online and if you like, from your team's own research; 
  6. Hold sessions exploring the glove and providing opportunities for students to collaborate to find their favourite creative use for the MiniMU glove. Notes and a video presentation for this are in the content areas below;
  7. Ask our expert team one question agreed by the group. We have an array of experts including Grammy Award winning singer Imogen Heap but there is no guarantee which expert will choose to answer your question so try to make your questions appropriate to all or at least a number of the experts; and
  8. Make and submit two short videos and your diary:
    1. One video of less than two minutes using the glove, with a creative suggestion for use of the glove; and
    2. A second video of less than two minutes explaining the benefits of Open Source and collaboration.
  9. Competition dates will be September 2020 and exact dates will be confirmed in advance. 

Teacher Guide

Further details are in the teacher guide which you can view and download from the menu below or by clicking [here].
The resources in the sections below contain lots of information to help you manage taking part in the competition, please use them.

All accepted registered groups will be sent 4 glove kits complete with micro:bits by Pimoroni in May.

By registering and accepting the terms and conditions the team are committing to submit a completed entry.

Should no entry be received the cost of the items received may be charged to the registering adult.


Q.Where can I get advice on making and using the glove?
A.You can use the 10 week course or review the videos and teacher guide below which include new resources on running your glove making event.

Q.Where can I get more help?
A.You can and should use the message forum here to ask our experts one question per team as part of the competition. If you post in the 'ask the experts' section, Learning Partnership staff are notified immediately and our expert team will come back to you. Remember you must ask one question of the experts to take part in the competition.

If have other questions or problems, you can also get more help and information on +44(0)1869 346 609.

Title Time constraints Geolocation Participants
The Competition 01.09.2020 09:00
30.09.2020 17:00
United Kingdom 0
Winners announced online at OpenUK Awards 20.10.2020 18:00
20.10.2020 18:01
United Kingdom 0
The Competition 1-30 September 30.05.2020 11:00
30.09.2020 17:00
United Kingdom 50