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Race To The Line: Rocket Car Challenge 2020/2021

Speed Challenge

: 16.01.2020 16:41 - 20.12.2020 16:40

: 01.09.2020 16:41 - 30.06.2021 16:42

: Paid by school

Welcome to "Race to the Line" the Global Model Rocket Car Challenge for Schools. 

The Challenge has so far engaged over 100,000 year 7 students with this real world STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) learning experience. Last season an all girl team won the global final in the UK with the first 100mph model rocket car in the challenges history.

in the 2020/2021 season any school on the planet can take part as the challenge delivers a "Model Rocket Car STEAM Box" that includes everything you need to have your students design, build and race model rocket cars across your playground!

Watch the video below to see what your students will be getting involved in......


Participation Options.

  1. Option One - School Pay - Click the school pay button below to register your class or year group in the challenge. The Global Challenge is designed for students entering the first year of secondary education. In the UK, where a huge managed challenge has been established over the last 4 years this is year 7 (11 to 12 year olds) but around the world, where the challenge will be virtual, there is more flexibility for teachers ot use these resources in year groups to suit them. Schools can also chose to promote the challenge to the parents of their students, invite them to pay for their students to enter the challenge, then purchase the resources from the Dendrite shop to support that number of students working in teams of four.


  1. Option Two - Sponsor Pay - Dendrite Connect has a mission to help schools around the world access high quality STEAM Learning. Schools unable to buy the challenges can work with the Dendrite Connect team to recruit sponsorship from their local employers, colleges and universities. A school wishing to use this sponsorship model agrees to a simple partnership with Dendrite Connect. 
    1. The school agrees to put their whole year group through the challenge once sponsored.
    2. The school agrees to send a letter to all parents announcing the partnership with Dendrite Connect - this standard letter is supplied to the school.
    3. The school agrees to add in addition to this letter, an attachment for the parents to share with their employer announcing the "Schools Connect" partnership opportunity.
    4. The School is issued with a special school code  and each time it is used by an employer to sign up to the School Connect partnership funding goes towards supporting the school and its network through the STEAM challenges. 

To Register your school for Option Two you must be the administrator of your school community in Dendrite.

If you are you will see your school listed below - just click the "register my school" button and our team will be in touch to begin the partnership.

If you do not see your school, you must register on Dendrite using the "Sign Up" button in the top right corner of this screen. Complete registration, selecting your school, and once verified as a teacher in the school by the Dendrite admin team, you will be able to return to this challenge page and register your school as described in the paragraph above.

If you would like any assistance with the sign up process please contact or call +44 (0)1869 346609.

Titulo Fechas Geolocation Participantes
Stage One - School Qualifying 01.01.2020 17:09
30.04.2021 17:10
Earth 16
Stage Two - Regional Finals 01.03.2021 11:00
30.05.2021 11:01
Earth 0
Stage Three - National Finals 01.06.2021 11:01
30.06.2021 11:02
Earth 0
Stage Four - Global Finals 20.06.2021 11:02
20.07.2021 11:02
Earth 0