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: 21.06.2019 13:12 - 22.09.2019 13:12

: 23.09.2019 13:13 - 20.06.2020 13:14

: Sponsored

SIGN UP HERE: To register your school into Season 5 please click the "Send Registration Request" button next to your school name below.  If you would like any assistance with the sign up process please contact or call 01869 346609.

TLP seeks to deliver the experience free for all state maintained secondary schools in Scotland, in return the school agrees to make the strategic decision to run the programme with all the students in year S1.

In Season 4 we launched a new partnership with British STEM companies of all sizes across the country, inviting them to partner with their local school/s and join the Dendrite Sponsor Connect network.

This resulted in 120 SME's involved in STEM in some way, agreeing to partner up and support their local schools. They have been incredible, engaged in everything from funding the school to take part, to coaching the students in software and manufacturing systems to enhance their rocket car designs. 

Companies with advanced manufacturing tools have offered these resources to their partner school and students have begun to understand what a STEM career looks and feels like as a result of these partnerships.

In season 5 The Learning Partnership is expanding this SME partner programme in order to deliver a universal offer of support to Scottish secondary schools and deliver a sustainable approach to STEM education in schools.

Our Aim is to build a network of thousands of employers involved in STEM in some way and link these companies to every secondary school in Scotland, enabling all students to benefit from this progressive real-world education philosophy.

Season 5 will coincide with the roll out of Season 1 of Navigate to the Line - The Lighter than air drones challenge in association with Amazon Web Services. This programme designed for year S2 students will link schools with the tech sector to continue the STEM learning journey with an emphasis on practical coding and advanced design.  

Our team will be  in touch to get planning!

Title Time constraints Geolocation Participants
Qualifying 23.09.2019 13:16
30.04.2020 13:17
Scotland 0
National Finals 01.06.2020 13:14
20.06.2020 13:15
Edinburgh 0