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D3 esports North American Race Season 2019/2020

Speed Challenge

: 01.09.2019 05:57 - 30.07.2020 05:58

: Sponsored


Student Teams of 4 - Driver, Engineer, Data Analysis and Media - register through their school to compete in a STEM Challenge like no other.

  • Win the chance to race a Radical Car in the following season for Dawson Racing!
  • Win your series Regional Showdown and put your school and sponsors Logo on the D3 + Transformer Race Car in the Le Mans Pro Series event for your series.
  • Win the National Finals Showdown and put your entire SKIN on the D3 + Transformer car for the Le Mans 24 hour endurnace race!

Auto racing delivers a high-octane experience for those lucky enough to own a race car, a helmet, and a healthy disregard for danger. Now, with D3 Esports, everyone has the opportunity to feel the rush of high-speed racing — in real life.


  • Each month, drivers will submit time trials racing on a given track with a specific car that they will have engineered to deliver optimal performance. At the end of the month, the top drivers on the leader board will compete in a race to determine the monthly champion, dubbed the Showdown Series.
  • At the end of the Race Qualifying series in June 2020 the winners from each monthly Showdown over the year will compete in regional finals.
  • Podium winners at the regional showdowns compete in the national finals at a Simulator Race Park for the ultimate prize.
  • D3+Transformer
  • D3 esports is not simply a racing esports platform. D3 esports is a STEM Education Challenge. Working with your sponsors teams unlock the engineering data feed live from the D3 + Transformer Race Team gathered form their laps of the track you are racing on, in the same car you are competing in. Teams and their sponsors can use this data feed to learn how to engineer your e-car to the same level of specification as an actual race car.
  • Teams can Design the Skin of your own car, placing your sponsor Logo's on your car (see restrictions in terms and conditions of entry). 
  • Working in partnership with your Sponsor to enhance the engineering set up of your car will deliver the best on track performance to chose your sponsors wisely.


The winning car will see its SKIN replace the Skin of the D3 + Transformer Race Car for an actual race in the LMP3 series in North America. 

STEP 1 - Register Below by clicking the register my school button after the 1st July 2019 when registration opens.

STEP 2 - Make sure you have 1 teacher from your school as team mentor once you have registered after the 1st July 2019.

STEP 3 - Recruit 1 or more Local companies to Sponsor your school's teams - see terms and conditions

  • USD 5,000.00 unlocks the engineering data feed
  • USD 10,000.00 delivers you the same simulator Dawson Racing have pioneered for their drivers
  • USD 15,000.00 deliveres both of the above and a 30 minute live web coaching session with a Dawson Racing Driver or Engineer

STEP 4 - Prepare your team to engineer the best Race Car on the North American circuit. 

STEP 5 - Race

Title Time constraints Geolocation Participants
Time Trials and Showdowns 01.09.2019 06:40
31.05.2020 23:59
North America 0
Regional Showdown Finals 01.06.2020 07:16
15.07.2020 07:16
North America 0
National Showdown Finals 15.07.2020 07:16
30.07.2020 07:16
North America 0