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Fly To The Line: Glider Challenge

Distance Challenge

: 15.07.2020 22:04 - 31.05.2021 22:03

: 01.09.2020 22:04 - 30.07.2021 22:05

: Paid by school

Welcome to the Global Glider Challenge for Primary School Students in partnership with RAF Museum Cosford in the United Kingdom. 



The competition is sponsored by the RAF Museum Cosford & The Learning Partnership to engage as many young people around the world as possible with an authentic Science and Engineering challenge. The challenge is open to Upper Primary children between the age of 9 and 11 years of age. 

The competition and supporting curriculum resources are designed to help equip students with the skills, knowledge and experience that they will need to embrace and tackle the global opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.  


NEW for this Season..........

This year any primary school on the planet can register to take part. The challenge is virtual, enabling student teams to complete with each other, and to collaborate with other students around the world.

If you wish for your school to be twinned with another competing school elsewhere ih the world just ask the experts, and when one becomes available we will twin your school communities ot each other.

  • Registration remains open - click below to sign up.
  • In school flight events run from receipt of equipment to the beginning of Global Finals season.
  • Global Virtual Finals in July 2020 held through a virtual Global Flight Hub. The Top 20 teams from each continetal challenge will be invited.

Further information will be communicated via Dendrite to all registered schools regarding live events as they are booked into the calendar.


What does my school receive?

  • 10 x A3 biodegradable foam sheets
  • 1 x cutting tool
  • 1 x elasticated rope for launcher
  • 1 x standard launcher design
  • teaching materials

The project is fully resourced with lesson plans and activity guides made available here online on the Dendrite STEM Education Community within the library below. Any localisation of content will be published in your country HUB and competing schools are encouraged to share ideas and resources by adding them to the forum area in their country HUB.


How do I register?

To register your school for the competition, click the button below to pay your entry fee of £45.00 + VAT.  Additional packs of foam boards can also be purchased at this time.

Once your registration purchase is complete you will be invited to join the competition area within Dendrite. 

The team with the best flying glider will be invited to represent their school at the national finals.


Fly To The Line is CREST Discovery Award accredited.

We are delighted to announce that Fly To The Line has been accredited by the British Science Association at CREST Discovery Level.  

Find out more using the collection of resources here 


How the competition works:

Use the guidance and ideas in the content areas below to design, build and test gliders through the Early Spring  and Summer terms.  There is a variety of additional lesson content you can use from now to explore key principles.

Hold an in-school glider flying competition, providing opportunities for students to refine their designs and launching skills.  Notes and a video presentation for this are in the content areas below.


Teacher Guide

Further details are in the teacher guide which you can view and download from the menu below or by clicking here.

The resources in the sections below contain lots of information to help you manage taking part in the competition. 


Where can I get advice on running the in-school flight event?

You can review the videos and presentation below which include new resources on running your in school flying event.


Where can I get more help or information?

You can use the message forum here to ask questions. If you post in the 'ask the experts' section, Learning Partnership staff are notified immediately.

If have other problems, you can also get more help and information on +44(0)1869 346 609.



What do teachers say about it?

  • It was an amazing experience, I took a team of two girls to the National finals, not once have they asked where they finished, they were taken over by the experience. It didn't matter if they first or last.  Mark Parry, Elm Green School
  • The competition is a refreshing change from normal STEM activities, the competition element fired the pupils up to test and evaluate then to improve. Pupil of all abilities could access the competition, and everyone was on an equal footing. Richard Mansfield, Rose Hill School (Pilot Season)
  • It is a well-resourced activity that can be ran over a lunchtime club or as a series of lessons. It stimulates the children like nothing else, allows every child to partake regardless of ability.  Richard Mansfield, Rose Hill School (Season 1)
  • Fantastic opportunity. Well worth having a go. So much fun for the children and adults involved. We loved it and the children got so much out of it. Jodie Blincow, St, Mary’s Catholic Primary School
  • A highly engaging project, sufficiently challenging along with superb partnerships and expert support.  Helen Brougham, Moorshouse Primary
  • It's a great opportunity to apply stem skills to a purposeful activity Claire Williams, Newcastle School For Girls
  • Fly to the line is an experience that will bring STEAM Education alive, Children have control of their own designs and will learn, initially through failure, how to succeed. It is safe and affordable for everyone to join in, it was a truly diverse and inclusive experience for us, with disabled site access and needs all being catered for. The whole process was a challenge, but was thoroughly enjoyed, from the first build to competition. We will be back for Season 2. I would encourage other Educators to step out of their comfort zone and discover the magic of flight, it is an experience you will all gain new skills from, whilst having lots of fun too.  Amanda Harvey, Home Educator
Title Time constraints Geolocation Participants
Qualifying Flight 01.01.2020 22:07
30.04.2020 22:08
Earth 172
Global Finals 01.07.2020 17:39
17.07.2020 17:39
Earth 0