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RACE TO THE LINE - INDIA - 2019-2020

Speed Challenge

: 03.09.2019 00:01 - 01.04.2020 23:59

: 01.10.2019 00:01 - 01.04.2020 23:59

: Paid by parents

Welcome to the largest Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education experience on earth!

Race to the Line - The Micro:bit Model Rocket Car Challenge for INDIA is brought to Indian Schools by Juana Technologies IN PARTNERSHIP with The Learning Partnership in the United Kingdom.


Schools from 15 cities in India are invited to join the STEM Schools Network on Dendrite, to partner with Juana Technologies in order to run season 1 of Race to the Line, the model rocket car Challenge. These schools will join the thousands of schools around the world, and the 250,000 students that have already designed, built and raced their model rocket cars across their school playgrounds.

What does it mean to be a STEM School in India?

  1. A STEM School in India registers their school to run Race to the Line the Model Rocket Car Challenge. Click the register my school button at the bottom of this page and complete the sign up process. The team in India will then connect via Dendrite and get you set up. You must be a registered member of Dendrite to complete this step - the system will guide you through this.
  2. A STEM School invites their students to take part in the rocket car challenge, working in teams of 4, in the 2019/2020 Season at a cost to each student. Students develop key 21st century employability skills, team work, communication and leadership through this exciting STEM experience. 
    1. Resources supplied
      1. STEM teacher training for 2 teachers
      2. Full STEM curriculum for the school
      3. Rocket car Kit per team of 4 students
  3. A STEM School invites their teachers involved in teaching Science, Technology, Mathematics and Design to join the schools private community in Dendrite so they can collaborate with other STEM Schools around the world that are members of the Dendrite STEM Network. 
  4. A STEM School receives great benefits from the membership.
    1. Microsoft A1 programme
    2. Adobe Spark
    3. Dendrite e-learning channels
    4. Dendrite collaboration and learning networks
    5. All Dendrite STEM Teaching Content

What Does it cost the School?

  1. Nothing! Dendrite STEM Schools receive these benefits for free, however they must commit to inviting their parents to support their children to take part. This can be done simply by inviting parents to join the school community in Dendrite, or by sending parents the flyer that is downloaded from here.


Season 1 Timeline

  • Registration: NOW - 15th October 2019.
  • Teacher CPD Training - 15th August to 30th October 2019.
    • 1 Open CPD training session will be run in each city once a minimum of 6 schools have signed up and paid their registration fees.
  • Qualification Races: 15th November 2019 -  20th December 2019. 
    • Open Race Events in each City for schools with less that 100 students participating. 
    • Schools with more than 100 students participating win the rights to host a open race event at their school for their students and other schools local to them with less than 100 participating students.
  • State / Regional Finals: 22nd December 2019 - 9th February 2020
    • Each State will have 1 Regional finals Weekend during this period.
    • Race Day will be on the Saturday or the Sunday of each weekend.

All Race events will be released through Dendrite Event management tool for schools to register their teams into.

Nationals Finals : 29th March 2020.

click register my school to begin registration process. Juana technologies will be in touch to finalise your enrollment.


Resources supplied

  • School training
  • Full STEM curriculum
  • Rocket car Kit per team of 4 students

To learn more or ask any questions - just click ask the experts below!

Title Time constraints Geolocation Participants
Qualifying Stage 03.11.2019 10:15
20.12.2019 10:16
India 6
Regional Finals 22.12.2019 08:15
09.02.2020 08:16
India 0
National Finals 06.05.2020 10:00
06.05.2020 15:00
New Delhi 0