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: 04.05.2018 15:34 - 19.10.2018 17:00

: 03.09.2018 00:05 - 01.07.2019 15:09

Use the links below to access the curriculum materials, leaderboards, competition event details and the discussion forums. 

For RACE FOR THE LINE 2018-2019: England and Wales CLICK HERE

What is Race For The Line?



== IMPORTANT UPDATE:  The Army in Scotland are working with a range of industry sponsors to fully support Race For Line for schools in Scotland in the 2018-2019 Season 4 == 

Trained rocketeers from the Army's youth engagement team will be in direct contact with all schools taking part before the Christmas break to arrange two race events, These events will be to initially engage students through a test firing and demonstration and for the rocketeers to return to the school to manage a school race day to find the teams that will go forward to a national final to be held in Edinburgh in May.

NOTE: The Army rocketeers will handle the use of the pyrotechnics to support all race events. There is no longer a requirement for teaching staff in Scotland to attend a CPD event to take part.




The Race For The Line competition objective is simple: Student teams must design and make the fastest rocket powered car they can and compete with their designs across multiple stages in a national competition.

Every team’s car will use the same size rocket motor and compete over the same track distance. The winning teams on race days will have the cars that have the most efficient aerodynamics, have lower mass and that have safe, well designed wheels that reduce friction and can survive the forces of a high speed run.

Every student in Year S1 will have an opportunity to refine their designs through the at-school test stages and at the Scottish national finals, where they will build new cars to compete with other schools.

The key challenges for student teams are:

  • to shape the foam block into the most aerodynamic and lightweight shape possible within the safety guidelines and rules,
  • to create efficient wheels and axles that are safe and strong and meet size limits. Teams may use laser cutting ot 3D printing to make wheels.
  • to develop a precision timing solution to measure the performance of their cars or use an app developed to gather real time telemetry
  • to devise and carry out tests to evaluate, refine and improve their designs.

To learn more,  Watch a Video.


The competition timeline (REVISED)

  • New Year 2019 - all blocks, tether eyes and plugs needed to complete cars delivered to participating schools.
  • January to April/May 2019 The Army in Scotland youth engagement team will communicate and work directly with schools to facilitate two race days, One to introduce the rocket car challenge and engage students with the science and engineering ideas and a second 'school race day' to pick the team/s that will go forward to the Scottish National Final of Race For The Line.
  • Thursday 30th May, 2019 - Scottish National Final of Race For The Line to be held at the Army HQ in Edinburgh.  



Title Time constraints Geolocation Participants
Qualifying 03.09.2018 00:05
04.04.2019 23:13
Scotland 18
National Finals 30.05.2019 09:30
30.05.2019 16:30
Edinburgh 18