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Race for the Line Great Britain - Season 3

: 05.09.2017 10:02 - 05.09.2017 23:59

: 05.09.2017 09:38 - 29.06.2018 06:30

Welcome to Race For The Line - Season 3

The competition is intended to inspire tomorrow's engineers and scientists with a national rocket car racing competition involving around 70,000 Year 7 / S1 students in England, Scotland and Wales.

How the competition works:

Using the guidance and lesson materials available in the sections below, student teams design and make a foam rocket car and (optionally) wheels and axles.

Schools are now in the at-school based Qualifying Race Stage.   Visiting Rocketeer teams from the competition's Navy, Army, RAF and Academic partners are visiting schools through till mid April to facilitate an at-school race day to identify the team/s that will go forward to Regional Finals that are held at 35 Forces bases around the country in late April and May.

The Regional Finals will identify the top 40 teams from the 18,000 competing nationally who will be invited to the national finals to be held at RAF Wittering on the 28th June 2018.


Where can I get advice on organising the at school qualifying stage?

The rocketeer teams will make contact with you to discuss details. You can review the videos and presentation below which include new resources on running your in school qualifying stage and preparing for the regional final.

How do I find my regional final date and hub location?

Regional hubs are located at forces bases around the UK. To find your date and hub, log into Dendrite and go to your homepage (Dendrite icon top left or 'Home' link in breadcrum trail) and choose your school. The competition events, dates and locations will be listed on your school homepage.

We have ran our Qualifying Race at the school. How do we upload our results? 

Log in to Dendrite and go to your homepage. Click your school.  In the Competitions area, click the link for '[YOUR SCHOOL] School Race Day' in the Race events column for the Qualifying Stage. Click the 'Results' icon to upload your times.

Full instructions are here in the Score Sheet and Uploading Results section along with other information to make the most of your race day:

How many teams go forward to a Regional Final from my school.

All schools will have at least one team going forward. The number of teams going forward from your school to your regional final wll be displayed in the Competitions results area linked to on your school homepage when your results have been uploaded. 

NOTE: Teams moving forward in the competition will need to bring wheels and axles and any tools they need to fit them. They will make new car bodies at Regional and National Final stage events.

Where can I get more help or information?

The resources in the sections below contain lots of information to help you manage taking part in the competition.  There is a map of all the schools taking part if schools want to coordinate on travel, etc.

You can use the message forum here to ask questions. If you post in the 'ask the experts' section, Learning Partnership staff are notified immediately.

Is it too late to register our school for this season?

Yes. Registration is now closed for this season, but we will be opening up registration for the 2018-2019 season soon. Watch this space and follow @dendrite_me 


Click the Race HUB link below to chat with your School Race day team or Ask the Experts

You can contact our team for sign up or other support on 01869 346 609.

Title Time constraints Geolocation Participants
Qualifying (school race days) 07.01.2018 09:50
27.04.2018 06:00
United Kingdom 396
RFTL Regional Finals 16.04.2018 10:00
14.05.2018 18:00
United Kingdom 401
National Finals 25.06.2018 10:00
29.06.2018 06:00
United Kingdom 400