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The Learning Partnership is providing support for schools that do not have the current capability to manage mass remote learning for their staff, students and parents in the event of schools closures and student isolation.

To set up Classrooms in the cloud, you must be a verified teacher. During registration ensure you select teacher as your user type, and select your school from the schools database - if your school is not listed- create your school account. We will verify you as a teacher. Once your verified all the features to invite your students and parents into your classrooms in the cloud communities will be unlocked. This is a safeguarding feature of the platform.

Our team are developing and distributing LEARN@HOME kits for the start of the summer term. The first of these are featured below, but there will be many more. Our goal is the develop kits that support fun, interactive, home based challenges that support a week or more of challenge based learning at home. We will use our global challenge management system to enable families to upload their results and compete virtually with their classmates and the rest fo the world.

The Dendrite platform enables every teacher to create a private classroom in the cloud for each of their classes at the click of a button, and invite both students and also, if required, their parents, into this classroom community. Please play the videos in the how to collection below or join one of our online events which you can book into in the events tab below.

Classroom members can login anywhere on any device to add, access and collaborate around learning and teaching content. Features include:

  1. Cloud managed user login
  2. One click Community creation for each class by the class teacher giving total user flexibility. 
  3. One click publishing of resources into each class community to manage week to week learning remotely. Content Design engine to enable blending of content from multiple sources into managed learning experience. 
  4. Unlimited personal storage of learning content
  5. Copy and paste addition of student and/or parent emails into each class community
  6. Teacher management of each class community
  7. Internal chat feature between class members
  8. Group discussion forum for students, parents and teachers in each classroom in the cloud
  9. Event management tool to enable teachers to manage access to remote working sessions that leverage other live video products such as Zoom or Skype where connectivity permits.
  10. Usage statistics board showing content engagement by learners
  11. Free world leading video learning content to support remote learning
    1. Karismath Grade 1-5 Mathematics Curriculum
    2. 3rd Flix Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics GCSE and A-Level
    3. The virtual Learning Coach Howard Berg Learning to Learn

In the space of an hour your school can be ready for a prolonged period of remote learning if it is required.Book onto your free cloud training session here

For details on our data protection policies you can go to

No fees for cloud storage or platform usage will be charged to schools using classrooms in the cloud during schools closures caused by Coronavirus. The Learning Partnership is as always seeking to support the continued learning of the student population.


This capability is free to access for the school. The Learning Partnership will run online training for your staff to get this set up. There is no fee for schools to access this training and support however if a school wishes to donate to support the widespread provision of the support during this time you can do so when booking onto the training. You will be sent login details to the online training and where possible you should join as a group so we can train as many of your staff as possible for your training fee. These sessions will be run at lunch time and at the end of the school day. For schools outside the UK already on lock down that wish to attend training, please ask the experts in this community and we will arrange online training on a case by case basis.

Please ensure that you invite the other teachers you wish to have access to this feature as members of your school community if you wish for them to use Dendrite to support classrooms in the cloud.