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RFTL Season 4 Community - 2018-2019

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Introduction to Race For The Line: Season 4 - 2018-2019

Already signed up?

If you are a teacher or school who has already signed up, you can go to your regional competition area using the links below to access the curriculum materials, leaderboards, competition event details and the discussion forums. 




If you want to take part, registration is open until the Autumn Half Term of 2018 for schools in England, Wales and Scotland.  You can register at the links above.

What is Race For The Line?


The Race For The Line competition objective is simple: Student teams must design and make the fastest rocket powered car they can and compete with their designs across multiple stages in a national competition.

Every team’s car will use the same size rocket motor and compete over the same track distance. The winning teams on race days will have the cars that have the most efficient aerodynamics, have lower mass and that have safe, well designed wheels that reduce friction and can survive the forces of a high speed run.

Every student in Year 7/S1 will have an opportunity to refine their designs through the at-school test stages, and at the regional and national finals, where they will build new cars to compete with other schools.

The key challenges for student teams are:

  • to shape the foam block into the most aerodynamic and lightweight shape possible within the safety guidelines and rules,
  • to create efficient wheels and axles that are safe and strong and meet size limits. Teams may use laser cutting ot 3D printing to make wheels.
  • to develop a precision timing solution to measure the performance of their cars,
  • to devise and carry out tests to evaluate, refine and improve their designs.

To learn more, read the Teacher Guide or Watch a Video.


  • 1st Prize -  £1,000.00 of STEM product from the Dendrite Shop
  • 2nd Prize - £500.00 of STEM product from the Dendrite shop
  • 3rd Prize -  £250.00 of STEM product from the Dendrite shop

What's new is season 4?


  • School races can be ran by teachers. Schools will be provided with training and all the resources needed to run at-school stages to their own schedule. 

  • Each participating school is required to have 2 members of staff trained and accredited as rocketeers. the training and particpation fee is £600 per school which includes: safety training in the pyrotechnic devices, the competition rules and regulations, curriculum ideas and ALL the foam blocks, rocket motors, tether lines, launchers and other practical equipment to run a rocket car stage with EVERY student in Year 7/S1. There will be 2 training dates held per region during the late Autumn term.

  • Schools that do not have the budget for this years training costs may also apply to TLP for support. We will seek to match you with one of the businesses we are engaging with in your local area. We can make no promises but will do our best to support you. 

See the Teacher Guide for more information of Season 4 changes and details of the package of resorces provided to participating schools.

The competition timeline


  • BY FRIDAY OCTOBER 19th 2018: Sign Up Schools/Teams
    Schools will be able to sign up teams and book CPD until Autumn half term online at their Competition Homepage 
  • NOVEMBER to DECEMBER 2018: School Staff CPD Sessions
    These sessions around the country will cover competition rules and pyrotechnic safety and share numerous teaching and learning opportunities, ideas and applications. Two staff members from each school are requested to attend.
  • JANUARY to APRIL 2019: At-School Qualifying
    Once the CPD has been completed, schools can begin to make, test and race cars using the race kit and resources supplied to each school. An at-school final, should take place to identify the team/s that will go forward to a regional final to compete for a place at the National Final.
  • APRIL 2019 – MAY 2019: Regional Finals
    The winning team from each school assemble at the regional hub to race.
  • END JUNE 2019 – National Final
    The winning teams from each regional final will assemble to compete for the national prizes.

How can I sign up and register interest?


  1. Review the Teacher Guide, Terms and ConditionsRules and Regulations and the Participation Agreement that must be signed by all schools taking part.
  2. Login to Dendrite. If you do not have a Dendrite account, create one and associate yourself with your school in the sign up process.
  4. Click the Send Registration Request icon next to your school's name. That will link it to the competition and finals venues listings and leaderboards.
  5. Complete payment and attend the CPD session that will need to be completed before rocket resources will be sent to your school.

Are you a Business or STEM employer that wants to help a local school take part?


To become a Business Supporter for your local school taking part in the competition please click here to get in touch with The Learning Partnership team.