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Owning a STEM Employers Channel on Dendrite

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Introducing the Dendrite “STEM Careers Partner Channel”- Enhancing Your Recruitment Reach and Effectiveness

The Learning Partnership delivers some of the most popular and effective “STEM Inspiration” physical Classroom Activities and Competitions for Schools in the UK, including the “Race for the Line” Model Rocket Car National Competition and the “Fly to the Line” Glider Competition, with over 400 UK Secondary Schools and 260 primary schools participating in this School Year.

Each participating School has its own private community within our cloud-based social learning platform for schools – - providing rich media “STEM Aspiration” resources and “real-world” STEM career pathway insights and guidance to 72,000 STEM teachers and thousands of students. The Dendrite platform is the only free at the point of use STEM education platform globally and the fastest growing STEM education network on the planet with operations in the UK, Hong Kong, UAE, South Africa and India.

Attracting young talent is essential for any organisation that wants to stay current, keep expenses in line, and replace older staff as they leave the workforce.

Within the Dendrite platform, we offer Employer Organisations the ground-breaking opportunity to enhance your Young Talent Career and Recruitment strategy and processes by subscribing for a “STEM Careers Partner Channel” - leveraging our unique Schools audience, saving you both time and money and increasing candidate matching success and retention whilst also supporting the growing STEM inspiration programmes run inside schools.