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Race for the Line - Season 3 - Micro:bit model rocket car Competition Scotland

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National hub community

Welcome to RACE FOR THE LINE - Season 3 - SCOTLAND! 

This season Race for the Line is being run as a UK wide competition, but there is 1 fundamental change to season 2. In season 3 Schools in Scotland will be offered a free rocket car kit for every student in year S1 (year 8) the first year of secondary school.

Schools will be linked to a new group of regional HUBs that will be offering each school with a race day of their own, on sight at their school in the spring term.

The only time a school will need to attend a regional event will be at the the regional finals that your top performing team will qualify for.

A school can only sign up for season 3 of the competition if they agree to all their year S1 students designing, building and racing rocket car kits at their school in 2017/2018 school year.

Season 3 Race Calendar

  • Autumn Term 2017 - Learn, Design and Build Phase with curriculum materials aligned to the S1 STEM+ curriculum -click here to view curriculum Map
  • Spring Term 2018 - Schools Race Days held at participating schools in England, Scotland and Wales (Spring Race Dates booked with Regional HUB admin team during September and October 2017 enabling schools to plan the race day as a wider STEM event for the school)
  • Summer Term 2018 - Regional Finals run at the start of the summer term 2018 (dates and locations announced by your regional Race HUB in September 2017)
  • National Finals - end of June 2018 

What's different this season?

Briefing sessions will be held remotely in online video conference every Wednesday from 1530-1600 from August - mid October 2017 for all STEM teachers in participating schools. To join this briefing go to 

To join this briefing go to 


  1. Applications for season 3 for schools in Scotland will close on the 5th Septmber 2017.
  2. All resources will be delivered to participating schools for the start of the new school year in September 2017 as long as the school has attended an online briefing.
  3. Race days will be run at your school in Spring term 2018 and arranged by October 1st 2017
  4. The HUB network has been re-organised and upgraded to Centre around Race for the Line Rocketeer Locations from which mobile Race teams will deploy to support school based race activity.

Schools not wishing to take part in season 3 are invited to apply to be part of the programme in season 4, which will start September 2018, by requesting to join this community. Registration will be on a first come first served basis and our team will contact you to complete registration. 

This Community is purely a registration area for schools wishing to compete. A new Dendrite competition management zone for all future competitions is being built at the moment following feedback from season 2 and Dendrite as a platform made simpler to use.

To compete you must apply to join this community by clicking the join community button below (even if you have taken part in previous seasons!) and our team will contact you to confirm the terms of entry. If you do not receive an email within 48 hours from check you spam folder please.


This competition seeks to be a catalyst for collaborative working in STEM education, please support us in that mission.

In September 2018 for year 8 students the team will launch the Airlander hybrid air vehicles drone competition to support a journey through to GCSE choices in each participating school. This will coincide with the year of the engineer and the 100 year anniversary of the RAF

Primary schools will be supported with a new competition designed to support year 5 and 6 students in STEM. This will be announced after half term.

You can contact our team for sign up support on 01869 346 609.


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