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Race for the Line - Micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition England & Wales

Public community

National hub community

Welcome to the Race for the Line Competition National Community for England and Wales

Watch the video here

This community runs all communications and competition updates and if you are competing you must be a member as group emails are sent to all competitors from this community.

Open Race Days in England and Wales - 15th Feb - 1st April 2017

Regional Finals - 15th April - 8th May - dates and locations announced to all regional finalists by the 1st April

National Finals - 29th June - Santa Pod Raceway - Northamptonshire

This National Community Coordinates the 1,000's of secondary and primary schools taking part.

To compete you must

  1.  Please click on the 'Join community' button (below left) if your not already a member as this ensures you receive weekly updates.
  2.  Click on each picture tile below in turn to watch video guides, teaching resource will be published into your school community so you can share this with colleagues. 


This competition seeks to be a catalyst to collaborative working in education, please support us in that mission.

Bloodhound is the first of many channels of teaching resource that will be free for schools to access via the platform. Enjoy!


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