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The Micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition England & Wales

Public community

National hub community


Congratulations to the winning three teams

1st Place - Slim Jim - Littlehampton school

2nd Place - Charlies Charriots of Fire - Littlehampton school

3rd Place - Dobby Doodles - Kennett School 

You can view all the action form finals day at the Public Community for the national finals - click here

Student teams compete to design, build and race the fastest Model Rocket Car using the sponsored kits provided by Bloodhound SSC and its sponsors. The fastest 30 teams in the competition will be invited to a national Finals in on the 5th July 2016.

Run in schools or clubs the competition is open to 7-16 year old students in season 2 - Sept 2016 to June 2017.

Teams must be supervised by a responsible adult. Scroll down to open the tiles below to view the collections that guide you through each stage of the competition or click the links below.

Due the nature of the competition, involving rocket motors, students under 14 and many thousands of schools competing, registration on Dendrite does require a security process so please use your school email to sign up.

Schools are recognised on the leader board via a token you are given inside your school community once set up. The processes are being improved all of the time to make them smoother for you. 

To start your registration procress go to the Locating and joning your race HUB collection below, open the map, find your nearest HUB and register by joining the HUB community. You must then create your PRIVATE SCHOOL COMMUNITY which we will link to the RACE HUB.

follow the link to visit the Micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition National HUB for Scotland -

The Finalists for race season 1 are below - congratulations to all those that took part.

1 Beaconsfield High School BHS Best Hot Sauce 74.56
2 Salisbury Cathedral school The Union 68.2
3 Northleigh Beast 68
4 Testwood Sports College Bedivere 1 66.67
5 Kennet School DOBBY DOODLES 64.71
6 Coundon Court School Speedy Squirrel 64
7 Testwood Sports College lancelot 1 62.86
8 St Bede's Catholic College Dancing Queen 62.14
9 Coundon Court School Cheetah 62
10 Northleigh The Midgets 62
11 Testwood Sports College Bedivere 3 61.11
12 Northleigh Atom 61
13 Sidcot Junior School Rocket Car Golden Peanut 60.13
14 Denbigh School Team Girls 2 59.78
15 Coundon Court School The Lightening Issy Strikes 59
16 Northleigh Conica 59
17 Coundon Court School Black thunder 58
18 Testwood Sports College Harry 57.89
19 Springfield School Purple dream 57.89
20 Coundon Court School Blewmitt 56
21 The Chase STEM Club Mushy Peas 54.83
22 Northleigh Fallex Vex 54
23 Testwood Sports College Excalibur 1 53.66
24 Denbigh School Team Dallin 53.26
25 Denbigh School Team Joe 53.26
26 Rose Hill School WAW 53.26
27 Bushey Meads School Oak 53.26
28 Swavesey Village College Love Chariot 53.01
29 East Bergholt High School Team 2 52.33
30 Denbigh School Team Daniel 52.02

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