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Rocketeer CPD Resources - Presentations, Micro:bit Assembly, Brake Designs, etc.

Resources related to the Rocketeer CPD including copies of the presentation, safety notes and designs for making a braking system.

Pages where this collection has been Dendrited to (1)
Rocketeer CPD Presentation (PDF version) (1)
Assembling the microbit case (1)
G Force Based Timer (BETA) (5)
A beta test version of a new timing system to address bugs found with micro:bit bluetooth connections with the Dendrite app.
The Dendrite Mobile Android app (1)
Making the Braking System (1)
The kit includes brushes to complete a brake. Use the design sheets here to complete a race track and brake system.
Safety Notes (to print and laminate) (1)
Key safety points and reminders to help ensure a safe race day.
Gaining CREST awards with Race For The Line (1)
Unsorted content (1)