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Rocketeer CPD Resources - Presentations, Micro:bit Assembly, Brake Designs, etc.

Resources related to the Rocketeer CPD including copies of the presentation, safety notes and designs for making a braking system.

Pages where this collection has been Dendrited to (1)
Rocketeer CPD Presentation (PDF version) (1)
Race For The Line 'Guide to timing cars' (5)
Assembling the microbit case (1)
G Force Based Timer (BETA) (5)
A beta test version of a new timing system to address bugs found with micro:bit bluetooth connections with the Dendrite app.
The Dendrite Mobile Android app (1)
Making the Braking System (1)
The kit includes brushes to complete a brake. Use the design sheets here to complete a race track and brake system.
Safety Notes (to print and laminate) (1)
Key safety points and reminders to help ensure a safe race day.
Gaining CREST awards with Race For The Line (1)
Unsorted content (3)