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My Careers Options

Careers channel

My Careers Options (MCO) is a fantastic, effective intuitive and easy to use careers matching tool, aimed initially at 11 to 24-year-olds.

It is designed specifically to help young people find a more rewarding career and provide a constructive careers conversation starter for parents, schools and careers advisers.

My Careers Options is the exclusive career mapping psychometric partner to The Learning Partnership and forms an integral part of the Schools Connect "Inspiration to Employment" pathway.

MCO comprises of a scientifically accredited psychometric assessment and a Top 10 Careers Report, developed in partnership with The Psychometrics Centre at Cambridge University and Careers England.

It poses a series of questions, quizzes and puzzles that assess a young person's aptitudes in numeracy, spatial awareness and verbal reasoning as well as their personality, likes, dislikes and interests which all together, build a unique, holistic careers profile of the individual.








On completion of the assessment a Top 10 Careers Report is automatically generated, which suggests ten careers that most appropriately fit the individual's careers profile.

This partnership offers every Dendrite registered Secondary School in the UK 100 free assessments for students considering or engaged in a post-GCSE STEAM learning pathway 

How can My Careers Options help your school?

  1. Take advantage of the great 100 FREE ASSESSMENTS offer.
  2. We offer a low cost WHOLE SCHOOL licence following the free trial.
  3. MCO helps with the tools needed to achieve all eight of the Gatsby Benchmarks.
  4. Careers advisers can use MCO to prioritise their time, giving their valuable help and advice to the students that really need it.
  5. Careers advisers can use the MCO Top 10 to give practical advice about specific careers that the student has already researched and know they have an aptitude and preference for.
  6. Parents are included in the MCO sign up process so parents, advisers and students are all engaged by the process and are able to join in and contribute to the careers conversation.
  7. Students find careers they’ll be good at, interested in doing and happy in.
  8. Students and parents are given practical information about each career, what qualifications are needed, how much it pays, what the job entails, etc.
  9. MCO is flexible and cross platform, so can be done any time, anywhere and on any device.
  10. MCO doesn't have to take up classroom time and doesn't have to be completed in one sitting.

My Careers Options and The Gatsby Benchmarks

MCO can help with fulfilment of all 8 of the government mandated Gatsby Benchmarks. It doesn't do everything but greatly complements any careers program that the school is developing or has in place.

How to get in touch and take 
advantage of the offer

Schools wishing to take up the offer should contact The Learning Partnership to learn more about the STEAM "Inspiration to Employment" pathway offered through the Schools Connect programme.