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Secondary Computing with Robotics @home from Adama Robotics

E-learning channel

Adama Robotics is an Educational Technology Company that is inspiring and empowering young learners with STEAM Education and 21st Century Skills to make them better equipped for the future.

The Story of Adama Robotics

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Adama Robotics Ltd. is an EdTech Company which is a spin-out Company from QMUL (Queen Mary, University of London) Enterprise who produced STEAM Educational Robots, Software, Online Courses, EBOOKS, Workshops, Summer Camps and more to create a STEAM environment in the world.

Dauda Barry and Mahadi Hasan are two Co-Founders of the Company and started their journey in 2016 to empower the next generation with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) skillsets.

Dauda Barry was the Founder and President of QM AI & Robotics Society and Mahadi Hasan later joined the society as a Treasurer and gradually getting promoted to President.

They have initiated many workshops and events for more than 3 years.