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Dendrite Schools Connect - Inspiring the next generation

Careers channel

Employers such as Cosworth, The Civil Aviation Authority, The Royal Air Force, The UK Atomic Energy Authority and hundreds of other employers have joined Schools Connect because they want to achieve cost effective, efficient undergraduate recruitment for their organisation.


  • Employers we spoke to told us that finding quality, matched applicants for their undergraduate recruitment opportunities was a constant headache.

  • You told us you felt frustrated with the limited opportunities available to connect directly with matched talent from local schools.

  • You went on to tell us that you wanted Dendrite to offer a way to surface your employment opportunities directly with candidates in local schools that matched the opportunities you were looking to fill. 

We asked you whether, if we built a solution to solve these problems that also linked to a wider approach to resolve the long term talent development issues in the market place, would you be interested? 


"Through our own experience as an employer we share the frustration in receiving a poorly aligned shortlist of candidates for the roles we are hiring in to, and paying disproportionate fees for these candidates." Aulden Dunipace Founder, Dendrite Schools Connect

  • Since launching the employer network "Schools Connect" in Dendrite in 2019, 350 organisations have become early adopters to work with Dendrite to advise on the development and introduce it into their recruitment and schools engagement strategy in the UK. 

  • The tools are helping employers connect direct to careers advisers and students in the 2000 local schools across the UK already networked into Dendrite.

  • This Schools Connect solution is enhanced by partnerships with the British Science Association, The CREST awards, British Education Suppliers Association, The Design and Technology Association and Eventbrite.

  • in Q1 2020 an integration with My Careers Options will see Dendrite Schools Connect sponsor every secondary school in the UK with 100 Cambridge University developed Career Matching Psychometric assessments to enable 300,000 5th and 6th form students to be matched to the new Schools Connect recruitment tools being developed to support Schools Connect members.

Next Steps

  1. Choose your membership plan from the options below.

  2. Dendrite will help you to build your careers community and represent your Recruitment Brand inside schools connect.

  3. Dendrite will connect your new careers community to your 10 local secondary schools helping you achieve 1 click communication with your network of careers advisors and students.

  4. Dendrite will ensure all careers advisors in each school have access to your network. 

  5. Dendrite will align your membership to the sponsorship of a STEAM Challenge Box for a school in your network building long term skills capacity inside your network.

  6. Dendrite will guide your team to manage communications and recruitment through Schools Connect across your network of schools.

  7. When your community is built and your ready to launch Dendrite will offer 100 Sponsored My Careers Options assessments for 5th and 6th form students for each school in your network, building your matched recruitment data set. 



      Bronze Membership - £149 per year

  • Link your Company with up to 10 Dendrite Secondary Schools.
  • Sponsor 1 Primary School into Fly To The Line or Build To The Line, Dendrite STEAM Learning Challenge.

       Silver Membership - £750 per year

  • Link your Company with up to 10 Dendrite Secondary Schools.
  • Sponsor 1 Secondary School into Race To The Line, Dendrite STEAM Learning Challenge.
  • Direct connection and engagement with your sponsored school.
  • Invites to the In-School Challenge Event, and the Regional Finals STEAM Village.

     Gold Membership - £1,500 per year

  • Link your Company with all Dendrite Schools in your region of the UK
  • Sponsor 1 Secondary School into Race To The Line, Dendrite STEAM Learning Challenge.
  • Direct connection and engagement with your sponsored school.
  • Invites to the In-School Challenge Event , Regional Finals and National Finals STEAM Village.




Every employer that joins Schools Connect direct from this page by visiting the Dendrite Shop and buying direct, enables Dendrite to return maximum value to Schools from the employer membership. 

The Dendrite Schools Connect team do recognise that some employers  will have questions about how the network can add maximum value to them before they join and as such we are happy to offer a free 15 minute consultation. To arrange this with a member of our team please email and he will arrange a convenient time for you to chat with a senior member of the team.

  • Remove all those unnecessary costs associated with poorly matched inefficient recruitment.

  • Slash costs of communication with school career advisers and students in your desired network with 1 click communication tools.

  • Join Market Leading Employers such as Cosworth, The RAF, The Civil Aviation Authority and the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

  • Benefit from the Matching tools generated by the integration with MCO and Cambridge University.

  • Increase the quality and quantity of matched candidates for your undergraduate roles over the coming years.

Silver and Gold Membership is limited to 10 employers per secondary school to deliver a recruitment competitive advantage to branded sponsors of School challenges. Take out membership now to avoid disappointment during 2020.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become one of the key drivers for societal change in our time. For organisations committed to CSR, this means improved reputation and competitive advantage. Positive action in CSR improves an organisations public image and relationships  with trustees, staff and pupils.

Some of the benefits of Dendrite CSR Accreditation to Schools and Academies:

  • Three years CSR Accreditation.
  • A CSR Accreditation logo pack and guidelines.
  • An Accreditation certificate.
  • A tree planted in your name.
  • Automatic entry to the International CSR Excellence Awards.
  • Free social media marketing and press release.
  • Will feature in our CSR Accredited members directory.
  • 5% of every application fee will go to charity.

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