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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics video learning resources - Age 14-18

E-learning channel

3rd Flix is on a mission to deliver awe inspiring video learning content in bite size pieces to bring to life class room learning in Science, Technology and Mathematics subjects for age 14 to 18 education.

Dendrite members can access this channel for £2.49 per month or £20.00 per year.

Schools wishing to access the channel for all their students and teachers can do so for £25.00 per month or £250.00 per year.

All Dendrite members receive their first 3 months channel membership free when taking out a monthly subscription. 

Channel Joining Instructions

  1. Register in Dendrite Connect. Membership is free! Click here to register if you are not already a Dendrite Member. You must be a Dendrite member to buy channel access

  2. Select to buy personal or school access below and complete sign up in the Dendrite shop.

  3. Return to after 24 hours and you will have access to all videos when logged in to Dendrite.

  4. If you have a discount code you will be able to use this during the purchase process in the shop.

  5. Tell your friends about the channel so they can be brilliant too!

  6. Please note that mobile phone payments can only be accepted for 6 month and 12 month licenses.

  7. To gain quick access to your channel/s from your home page click on the gray e-learning tab in the middle of the screen.

Monthly membership renews automatically and monthly subscriptions are taken from your card. 6 monthly and 12 monthly subscriptions are a one off payment and channel content access will ned at the end of the subscription period.

You can view the first few videos in each collection as samples without joining the channel. simply scroll down and open the collection of content your interested in and open the first section of the collection.

Please note - Members in Africa wishing to buy access using mobile phone payments should select DPO payment gateway from available payment options at checkout.