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Primary Mathematics with Karismath

E-learning channel

Welcome to one of the most effective Primary Mathematics video learning programmes created in recent times - Karismath. All video content in this channel is free to access during the worldwide shut down of schools.


  • Karismath videos teach Mathematics the way the brain learns numeracy and number-concepts.

  • A brain that understands Mathematics conceptually opens a world of opportunity in future learning pathways and careers.

  • Karismath will help users overcome feelings of frustration in learning and teaching mathematics – It will be your guide to Mathematical enlightenment.

  • The Karismath Primary Math Program  has been developed by a Harvard Educated psychologist with a background in Reading, Psychology and Mathematics. 


It offers over 400 videos covering every Math topic from Grades 1 through to Grade 5 and organised into collections of content for these grade levels. The program is remedial, incremental and developmental. It has sequence and structure.  

If you want to view the videos organised to map to your countries curriculum click the library tab below.

Both home and school learners can access everything they need to understand and master Mathematics in Karismath’s One-Stop Shop.


Three types of reasoning are used to build conceptual understanding of mathematics: 


  • Visual reasoning:  Learners of all ages draw meaning from the visuals as in watching movies. Shapes and patterns move. They show gestures that express meaning. They help make connections that tell a story without words.

  • Numerical Reasoning: Numbers express meaning with “gestures”. They move and change for reasons that become easy to understand and explain.  How they change reveal the ways in which one mathematical idea is connected to another. Learning shifts from Leaps-of-Faith to Steps- of- Reasoning.. 

  • Verbal Reasoning: It is what we use when we communicate using language: we use reason to make ourselves understood. The voice-over and english-print translates visual and numerical reasoning into every-day language. 

It  offers learners a seamless, resistance-free experience.

The videos are available in both English and Urdu and will be translated into other languages as demand arises.

You can access all 400 videos free of charge.


Channel Joining Instructions

  1. Register in Dendrite Connect. Membership is free! Click here to register 
  2. You can access all the content in this channel free. 

why Join?

  • No child on earth should be left behind in Mathematics

  • Provide all your students with Mathematics content that follows universal design in learning principles.

  • Enable students that have struggled with particular concepts in Mathematics to engage the learning differently. 

  • Enable students to learn at home.

  • Enable parents to facilitate Mathematics learning at home.

To Learn How to use the Programme you can use the interactive PowerPoint but you must download this for full functionality. Click here