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Karismath Primary Maths Channel (BETA)

E-learning channel

The Karismath Program is new to in 2019. It will be in BETA testing mode for the rest of the school year. Click the Grade Collection Tiles below to start watching and using the videos.


All content is free to access for all schools, teachers, parents, tutors and students. Please post your feedback on our Forum on how you use it, when and where. We will be very happy to hear from you. Those interested in the Karismath teacher-training program will be offered a separate Karismath Teacher-training Channel to help boost their teaching practices in the classroom (teachers) or at home (parents).



  • How did you use this content?
  • What was the student experience?
  • Did you use it with other content?
  • How could it be improved?

The Karismath Program is the only one of its kind that uses Universal Design in Learning (UDL). Math Lesson Videos have been developed to serve the needs of both teacher-training and student learning. The program adopts a 3-in-1 approach: incremental, developmental and remedial. Karismath’s visual scaffolding and dynamic imagery plumbs the depths of mathematical concepts seamlessly to make math-learning intuitive and common-sensical. The pedagogy draws upon research on how children’s minds integrate the use of visualisation, numeracy and language to develop number-sense and numerical reasoning.  

Click the Grade Collection Tiles below to start watching and using the videos.

To Learn How to use the Programme you can use the interactive Powerpoint but you must download this for full functionality. Click here