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Here at The Learning Partnership, through Dendrite, we deliver some of the most popular and effective STEM inspiration physical classroom programs for schools in the UK, including the Race for the Line Model Rocket Car National Competition and the Fly to the Line Glider Competition, with over 400 UK Secondary Schools and 260 primary schools participating in the last School Year

Through these programs we provide a range of cross-curricular STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) social learning classroom activities and competitions to participating schools all supported by our social learning and community platform - Dendrite, which among other things, links participating schools and publishes rich learning media materials and resources for teachers and students together with STEM career and recruitment pathway information.

Race For The Line:

  • Race For The Line is a whole year group project for Year 7 students (the 11 year old age group), where they work in small teams to apply what they are being taught in class – for example, Newtons Laws of Motion – to design and build a model rocket car from supplied kits and which the teams then race across the playground, utilising a Micro:bit that students programme to measure speed, acceleration etc.
  • The best team from each School is invited to participate in a Regional Final hosted at an inspiring venue and, if successful, to compete in the prestigious National Final, held towards the end of June in each school year.
  • To enable a school and their whole year group to participate costs £750 per annum and, in times of limited budgets, participation by the school is dependent on securing external financial support. Such payment - which is made directly to the School - generally qualifies as a charitable donation and thus could be offset against your corporation tax bill with HMRC. (For more information, please go to

Coming Soon : Navigate To The Line - The Lighter Than Air Challenge for KS3:

This program is intended to bring students' computing, science and design & technology skills together to bear on a futuristic challenge to engage and encourage them, through active participation in a national competition to consider STEM subjects and study/career pathways. Aviation is going through a period of intense innovation with new materials, alternative power sources and autonomous operation all being part of the future for today's young engineers. Sustainability and reducing energy consumption in work and transport are also major technology and societal themes. 'Drones' are also becoming more popular devices in schools but how do they actually work? How does pressing a button or lever in one place, change how something moves somewhere else?  It is not enough to be able to operate machines, young people need to know how they work.

Activities and Challenges include:

  • Air Race – using the rules laid down by the FIA for drone racing, teams must compete to complete three laps of a figure of eight race course in the fastest time.
  • Target Lander – teams must land and take off their craft closest to the centre of ten targets on the ground in the shortest possible time 
  • Assault Course – over and under bars between badminton net posts and through hoops for points – it’s just like a dog agility show but in slow motion.
  • Air Battle – with a felt tip pen mounted in front and an A4 piece of paper suspended from the back, the first craft to mark their opponent’s paper, wins.

Schools that progress to a regional final level will be presented new ‘challenges of the day’ which they must solve within 3 hours. This may involve integrating sensors or making the craft perform a series of autonomous or semi-autonomous tasks.

By becoming a sponsor and joining the growing Dendrite Sponsor Connect Business Community you will be a recognised and valued contributor in helping to address the critical shortfall of STEM inspired students leaving schools and colleges and help us deliver our popular whole year group, cross curricular STEM Inspiration classroom activities and competitions to schools across the UK that enables students to explore, experience, engage with and think positively about STEM learning. You can also work with us to provide teachers, students and parents with “real-world” insights and perspectives of STEM career pathways within your own business operations and your industry sector.

Dendrite Sponsor Connect links your company with a school in your region form the list of schools that have requested funding support to take part in one of the STEM programmes run by Dendrite. Sponsor Connect enables your outreach team and ambassadors to communicate directly with the school and its teachers to arrange engagement and support for the school and its students as they journey through the program. The members of the school will see your company network on Dendrite at the top of their networks area in their dashboard, enabling them to access your company, your team and see first hand what your company business focuses upon. Companies joining Sponsor Connect will also be invited to take part in the school Qualifying event run as part of the programme, and the company will be offered a place in the STEM village at the regional finals where all schools in the region will be represented with an invitation for the careers adviser form each school to attend with the students that have qualified.

Many schools are already involved with Dendrite STEM programs that utilise 3D printing, Laser Cutting and cutting edge software to design, build and test gliders, Rocket cars and Lighter than air drones so there are many areas your team can engage with simply and easily to add value to the school and build long term lasting relationships with the school, its staff and students.

  • Registered MemberYour company will be registered on the national Dendrite School Sponsor Connect directory and through your annual sponsorship donation you will continue to enable schools to participate in inspiring STEM programmes.
  • Direct Connection to the school - Access to secure and direct routes to participating schools, to develop on- going, one-to-one relationships and interactions to support STEM learning. 
  • Dendrite ConnectYou will receive a logo, linked to your community, to display on your own website to inform everybody that visits your site that you are a TLP Dendrite Connect member and supporting your local school. 
  • School Connect features Your company community on Dendrite where you can add your STEM ambassadors and schools outreach people who will be linked to the school of your choice.This guarantees that your company community tile, in the networks area of each member of the school, will appear at the top of this area. The school’s tile will appear at the top of your teams’ networks area. You will be able to have direct chat communication with each other.The school admin team will be able to join your company network and through that share resources, arrange visits to and from each other’s premises and generally support your outreach agenda. 
  • Invite to school programme days - Publicise your direct support in improving STEM Learning on your internal and external media, communications and PR releases and the opportunity to attend at local school competition days, and the regional and national final days. 

Once you have joined Sponsor Connect our team will be in touch to help you set up your company community on Dendrite, and agree the school you wish to engage with and support going forward. Sponsor Connect is an annual subscription and will be renewed automatically unless we hear from you to cancel your subscription.