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Revision and Learning @home from Berg Learning

E-learning channel

Welcome to your Virtual Learning Coach, Howard Berg.

We all want our children to do brilliantly in school.

The problem is parents and teachers alike teach in their own style and these styles do not always work for all children. In our busy lives, finding the code for every child that unlock their genius is a huge task. We all want the best for them, and it is hugely frustrating when we can not deliver that.

In our world of connectivity and digital learning resources the expert can now come to the mobile device of every learner on the planet, taking the pressure off teachers and parents to be the code breaker.



Howard Berg is one such code breaker discovered by Dendrite founder Aulden Dunipace who says - "I went from a further Math student to failed Math student in 6 months aged 14. I did not learn how I learned as a human being until after leaving school and by then the opportunities presented by education were gone. I want every learner to leverage their potential by unlocking the code to maximise their own learning journey."

Howard Berg is the fastest reader on earth AND has a Guinness world record to prove it. He is a super effective learner and has completed degree courses in a third of the expected time. He is an expert in the tools that optimise the human brain in all learners and in this channel he is going to share that knowledge with you so you can do the same!!!!! 

2000 Secondary schools in the UK and countless Parents around the world use this channel to help their students unlock their infinite potential. Follow the steps below to do the same.


Channel Joining Instructions

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Why Join?

  • Your Memory is Amazing - learn how to use it to be a brilliant learner.

  • Your Brain is amazing, use it read faster and with greater comprehension.

  • Your Capacity to learn is infinite, use it to Ace your exams. 

  • No student should fail an exam - ever. Unlock your code to be a brilliant learner and banish exam stress and failure to the bin.